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The Musculoskeletal System Explained

musculoskeletalThe musculoskeletal system is the network of muscles and bones within the body. Injuries, conditions like arthritis, and other growth and degeneration problems can cause pain and disorders that cannot always be identified with a physical exam. It is a musculoskeletal radiologist’s job to conduct medical imaging of the problem areas to figure out what is happening to your body.

Musculoskeletal problems can be the result of anything from work accidents and sports injuries to genetics and lifestyle choices, and many other circumstances. Some of these problems include osteoarthritis of the knee, osteoporosis of the bones, and other joint or muscle issues.

In order to accurately diagnose and treat Musculoskeletal Conditions, Peninsula Radiology offers a full spectrum of imaging services. Our radiologist utilize CTMRI, musculoskeletal ultrasound, bone biopsies and bone mineral density studies to effectively look inside of a patient’s body. Since musculoskeletal disorders and injuries affect bones and muscles specifically, this is where these kinds of radiologists focus their attention. Thanks to these technologies and our expert staff, we are able to diagnose a wide range of disorders of the musculoskeletal system.

Our Musculoskeletal Imaging Radiologists work closely with our other departments to ensure that every diagnosis is accurate and that treatment plans for musculoskeletal conditions are the most effective available.

Conditions that fall in the range of Musculoskeletal Imaging include patients with the following:

  • Patients with disorders of the spine, upper & lower extremities
  • Arthritis
  • Cancers of the soft tissues & bones

For more than 50 years, Peninsula Radiological Associates has provided quality medical imaging services. Our team of board certified and fellowship-trained radiologists have over 200 years of combined experience.  As a team we deliver the most comprehensive range of medical diagnostic imaging and interventional radiological procedures available on the Virginia Peninsula.

At Peninsula Radiology, it is our goal to always utilize the least invasive technology for diagnosis. We only advance to more complex procedures when it is necessary. Call (757) 595-6363 or go online to schedule an appointment for imaging services.

Dr. Jon Zachary Elliott attends 8th Annual Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Conference

Ultrasound VADr. Jon Zachary Elliott recently attended the 8th Annual Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound Conference in San Diego. The conference was designed to review ultrasound scanning protocols and essential pathology for radiologists, songraphy technologists, and physicians working with the MS system who are seeking to refine their skills and advance their continuing education with these imaging systems.

The five-day course provided a comprehensive overview of MSK diagnostic tools through a concurrent schedule of didactic lectures with live scanning demonstrations as well as the unique feature of supervised hand-on workshops with live models. For example, one interventional workshop allowed participants to practice needle placement under ultrasound guidance, while other workshops involved raw turkey breasts and pig feet. These workshops were proctored by internationally known experts in the field of radiology so that participants were able to thoroughly discuss these advanced applications in a collaborative environment.

The program provided daily instruction in musculoskeletal ultrasound of joints and extremeties. For example, the first day of the conference focused on topics involving the shoulder, such as rotator cuff ultrasound and biceps pathology. Another day focused entirely on medical conditions regarding the elbow, wrist, and hand. Diagnostic imaging and ultrasound-guided interventional techniques were also discussed extensively with great opportunities for radiology professionals trying to hone their scanning skills. Some specialists were able to use and compare several different ultrasound machines from various companies. Participants from every corner of the country, as well as internationally, were able to provide plenty of opportunities among themselves for engaging in discussions regarding MSK ultrasound and its growing role in the United States.

Peninsula Radiological Associates proudly announces the affiliation of Jon Zachary Elliott, DO with their practice.

NEWPORT NEWS, Va – Dr. Elliott received his medical degree from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine in Philadelphia, PA. His Radiology Residency was at the Penn State/Hershey Medical Center where he served as Chief Resident from 2008-2009. He was a Musculoskeletal Radiology Fellow and Instructor at the Medical University of South Carolina from 2009-2010. Dr. Elliott brings to the practice a broad base of professional experience including serving as a Naval Flight Surgeon serving in San Diego, CA including two overseas deployments.  Prior to receiving his medical degree, Dr. Elliott received a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and in Biology from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA. At Peninsula Radiology, Dr. Elliott is a Musculoskeletal Imaging and Intervention Specialist.

”We are excited to be adding someone to our team with such outstanding credentials and such a broad base of both training and experience,” said Dr. Dennie Bartol, a Vascular and Intervention Radiologist and senior member of Peninsula Radiology Associates. Dr. Elliott recently affiliated with our practice and joins other radiation specialists who have been providing the most comprehensive range of medical diagnostic imagining and procedures for fifty years on the Peninsula.

Peninsula Radiological Associates has been serving the Peninsula for over fifty years and provides the most comprehensive range of medical diagnostic imaging and procedures on the Virginia Peninsula. It offers seven convenient locations for its patients as well as providing professional reading services to local hospitals. The range of services includes MRI, CT, PET, Mammography, Fluoroscopy, Image Guided Biopsies, Interventional Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Ultrasound, X Ray and Women’s Imaging. All imaging services are read by Board Certified Physicians, many of whom have additional certification in sub-specialties.

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