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Breast Cancer Awareness Month

breast-cancer-awareness-monthIt’s that time of year again – Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM)! This annual campaign was created to increase awareness of the disease. These days most people are aware of breast cancer, but many forget to take the steps to have a plan to detect the disease in its early stages and encourage others to do the same.

At Peninsula Radiology we want to encourage women to get their yearly mammograms, and invite others to do the same. Breast Cancer is the most common cancer, and the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in women in America. Before the onset of mammography screening, the death rate from advanced breast cancer remained unchanged for 50 years. However, since 1990, this rate has decreased by 30 percent, and recent studies suggest that mammograms may even be more effective than previously thought, reducing breast cancer mortality by more than 30 to 60 percent.

It is important for physicians to educate their patients on the benefits of mammography, and to provide them with the proper resources, so that they may make the best decisions for their well-being.

We make it easy and convenient for you to schedule your annual Mammogram. Thanks to Riverside’s Self-Scheduler, you can now schedule your screening mammogram from any computer, at any time. The Self-Scheduler is simple and quick to use. You will first need to create and account by selecting a user name and password. Once your account is set up, you will be able to schedule, re-schedule or cancel your appointment at your convenience.

Another great feature about the Self-Scheduler is that it provides instructions on how to prepare for your appointment. Following these guidelines will help to ensure that you will get the most out of your breast cancer screening appointment.

Drs. Ben Pettus and Curtis Stoldt Featured in Oyster Pointer

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 3.50.55 PMDrs. Ben Pettus and Curtis Stoldt were featured in the latest issue of the Oyster Pointer. The doctors discussed the important role played by diagnostic imaging in saving lives of women. According to Stoldt the mortality rate from breast cancer has dropped 30% since 1990 in a direct correlation with an increase in mammogram screenings. However, 50 to 60% of women are still not getting mammography screenings. In an attempt to decrease the number of women who are skipping this important aspect of their health care, Pettus and Stoldt are working hard to educate women and their families. There is conflicting and misleading information surrounding mammography, and these doctors are on a mission to set the facts straight. They are strong advocates for yearly mammograms starting at age 40, and stress that regular 2D mammography is the gold standard for a yearly screening mammogram. Both Stoldt and Curtis are devoted family men, and approach patient care with the mindset of what he’d recommend for his own family. “It’s not a perfect test,” says Stoldt, “but the lowering of mortality is very conniving. In no uncertain terms, mammography saves lives.”

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