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I was taken care of very well, everyone was very caring! I was given all the information I  needed to be safe and healthy and well when I was home. Thanks to everyone and God Bless.  – Virleen Johnson

My appointment at Peninsula Radiology was the best medical experience I had in years.  When I came in for my test, Dr. DeMeo and his assistant, Jamie, where both very professional, and took their time to carefully explain everything to me. They made what can normally be a very unpleasant experience, very nice. They went well beyond what they needed to, in order to make me feel very relaxed and comfortable.  In addition, everything was done on time, and efficient, I was never kept waiting. When I come across such good service, I feel like I ought to share it.  I have nothing but great things to say about Dr. Demeo, Jamie and the rest of the team at Peninsula Radiology, they do an outstanding job.  – Dennis Ankeney

“I came in for a CT/Arthrogram. Everyone  was so pleasant and kind from Lisa at the front desk and all the staff there, to the back staff, especially Jamie and Jodie, and of course  Dr. Elliot was wonderful! I was very impressed and made to feel special by all. Thanks! – Jacqueline Wilson

“I was very apprehensive when I arrived for my barium swallow on July 13th. Dr. Pincus put me at ease, was very good about explaining each step of the test, and explained things in an understandable way. I am also grateful to Jamie for her patience and assistance.” – Julia Williams

“I just want to thank you for your caring and courteous service. All of the staff was very helpful and considerate” -Walter Scott 

“I recently had to have a study done at the hospital. I was an add-on patient later in the day, and my study actually ended up carrying over into the next shift. All of the staff I dealt with were incredibly professional, friendly, and comforting. Dr. Curran was so compassionate and caring. He asked me questions about my symptoms so he could make sure all possible causes were evaluated to ensure I had the best study possible. He explained what he was doing and then took the time to answer my questions to the best of his ability at the time. Everyone and everything was so efficient, my referring doctor had the results for his review the next morning. I appreciate the time Dr. Curran took with me and the way he made me feel like I was the only patient he had to deal with, when in fact, he had several. I have no doubt each and every patient felt the same way I did and that is because of Dr. Curran’s exceptional bedside manner.” – Diane

“Last month I had to have a myelogram. I have had numerous procedures on my back, some quite unpleasant. My previous experiences made me pretty apprehensive about having another procedure, even though I am very familiar with it and knew what to expect. Dr. Baylous went above and beyond to make sure I was as comfortable as possible at all times. His caring and compassionate bedside manner helped put me at ease. Both Dr. Baylous and his exceptional team were so patient with me and reassuring throughout the entire procedure. A few months prior I had a similar procedure that was so painful. The exceptional skills Dr. Baylous possesses was evident because I didn’t feel a thing. I hope I never need to have it done again, but if I ever do need another, I won’t hesitate to have Dr. Baylous do it. Thank you Dr. Baylous!” – D. Forbes

Dr. Pettus is an outstanding example of a kind and caring professional. On a recent visit, he explained all procedures in detail and on a level that was understood. He took took much time to do so and even stopped what he was doing. Dr. Pettus and his team stayed after hours late at the end of the day to do follow up procedures so that I would not have to worry and wait until the next week. The next day, Dr. Pettus called with results of the procedure. Riverside is extremely fortunate to have such a kind and compassionate individual who is outstanding in every way. I recommend him as a true champion of caring. Thank you Dr. Pettus for being there for me and everyone else who has the fortune of having you in their corner!

“My name is Diane Suever and I am one of the technologists at Riverside Walter Reed Hospital. A few weeks ago my doctor ordered an MRI arthrogram. As a technologist, I often assist in these procedures. I was quite hesitant because I knew what it involved. Dr. Grimson is the physician who performed the procedure and Dr. Elliott read the MRI. It was a stressful day for me. Who wants to make themselves vulnerable to someone that they work with? I can’t say enough about the care, compassion and skill with a needle that Dr. Grimson has. The following day Dr. Elliott took time out of his busy day to talk to me. A stressful time in my life was made better by these two physicians. I can’t thank them enough.” – Diane S. 

“For the past few weeks, I have been receiving several diagnostic tests related to my routine annual mammogram changes. For any woman, this is one of the most stressful times in their lives. Dr Schengber has provided both a wealth of knowledge and a kind reassuring approach throughout my diagnostic testing. He took the time to explain each step, answer any questions, and make me feel at ease. Whatever the future may bring, I feel confident that the level of care I have received is exceptional! Thank you for your expertise and kindness.” – Nancy C.


Meet Lisa Franklin: Wife, mother & volunteer

mother and child Lisa Franklin is a wife and mother of three beautiful children. Like many moms, she stays busy preparing the kids for school, volunteering, running errands, and making sure everyone’s needs are met. As a mom she loves spending time with her family and watching her children grow. Lisa also understands the importance of taking care of herself.  She stays healthy by eating a balanced diet and regular exercise. In addition, regular health check-ups are part of her regimen. Being aware that doctors recommend women to begin having yearly screening mammograms before age 40, she found time in her busy schedule, and set up her first screening appointment at Peninsula Radiology.

Her preconceptions of a mammography made her a little anxious before the exam. However, on the day of her appointment she felt comforted by the caring doctors who took the time to explain everything to her, including what to expect after the procedure. The team at Peninsula Radiology was efficient, professional, and empathetic. Lisa had a pleasant experience at Peninsula Radiology and is glad she finally found an excellent practice that can meet the needs of women’s health.

In the next few years, Lisa plans to make some changes in her life, including going back to work. However, a yearly screening mammography will always be a part of her routine.

Meet Lyna Eagan: a life without fear and pain

patientLyna Eagan lives her life without fear. Her philosophy is based on always staying positive and making the choice to be happy, even when faced with obstacles Thanks to her unwavering support system, and her incredible ability to embrace a positive perspective, she has been able to overcome life’s hardships.

Lyna has been happily married to Don Eagan for over 50 years. They moved to Newport News in 1962, and have been living there ever since, except for a three-year stay in Japan in 1967.

The family they built together has been her biggest joy in life. She took great care in raising her sons, and is so proud they turned out to be gentlemen, just like their father. Today, Lyna and Don are not only grandparents, but they have the pleasure of also being great-grandparents.

In recent years, Lyna has been dealing with muscular skeletal problems, which she has been treating with massage therapy. However, when the pain became unrelenting, and not even physical therapy was able to relieve some of her discomfort, she scheduled to have and MRI done.

The MRI was on a Friday, and the diagnosis was made over the weekend. Lyna was coming back on Monday for the procedure. She had a compression fracture in her spine and would need a Kyphoplasty. She was impressed at how fast things were moving along, but even more impressed with the kindness she received from the doctors and staff. Dr. Newsome explained everything completely and simply, so that any of Lyna’s anxieties about the procedure were alleviated.

Lyna considered what happened after the procedure a “wonder”. Her incessant pain had disappeared, and she was able to live her life as before. She is so grateful for the care she received, and thankful for everyone involved. It was such a success, and she could not speak more highly of the doctors and staff at Peninsula Radiology.

Meet Yvonne Lassiter: Treating Pelvic Congestion Syndrome

The morning that Yvonne Lassiter woke up pain-free was a huge relief. For two years she had been living in constant pain, making every day chores and activities difficult. She spent many frustrating months visiting doctors trying to find the source of the pain in order to treat it. After countless x-rays, one doctor finally diagnosed her with Pelvic Congestion Syndrome.

It is estimated that one out of every three women will suffer from pelvic pain at some point during their lifetime. Thanks to recent advancements, it has been determined that the pain may be caused by hard to detect varicose veins in the pelvis.

Many women with pelvic congestion syndrome, just like Yvonne, spend many years trying to find an answer to why they have this chronic pain. Living with chronic pelvic pain is difficult and affects not only the woman directly, but also her interactions with her family, friends and her general outlook on life. Yvonne went many years not receiving any therapy for her pain because the cause was unknown.

Women who experience pelvic pain that worsens throughout the day when standing, should seek a second opinion with an interventional radiologist who can work with your gynecologist.

The causes of chronic pelvic pain are varied, but are often found to be related to the presence of ovarian and pelvis varicose veins. The diagnosis is often missed because women lie down for a pelvic exam, relieving pressure from the ovarian veins, so that the veins no longer bulge with blood as they do while standing.

Once Yvonnne finally had her diagnosis she was sent to Dr. Newsome at Peninsula Radiology for further evaluation and treatment. Dr. Newsome informed her of her the minimally invasive treatment options, which would cure her from the chronic pelvic pain she had been experiencing.

The chronic pain that is associated with his disease is usually dull and aching. Pain is usually felt in the lower abdomen and lower back. The pain often increases during the following times:
· Following intercourse

· Menstrual periods

· When tired or when standing

· Pregnancy

Pelvic congestion syndrome can be diagnosed through several minimally invasive methods. Once a diagnosis is made, and if the patient experiences symptoms, an embolization should be done. Embolization is a minimally invasive produce, which uses imaging for guidance. It is a simple, safe and effective outpatient procedure that restores patients to normal. It is successfully performed in 95-100 percent of cases.

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